Applecations will be CLOSED from 19th April 2021

We apologise to customers for any inconvenience and hope to re-open as soon as possible

We just love working with Macs

For over 30 years  we've enjoyed the challenge of making Macs more productive in the offices and homes of countless users.

Since 1986, Applecations has been delivering personalised assistance to Macintosh users - going back to the very early days of the original 128k Macintosh through to today's stylish multi-processor machines. We understand how passionately people feel about their Macs - like the dog, they're a loyal, obedient, and valuable member of the family.
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Technical support for Apple Macintosh

We provide custom database development, graphics and web design, intranets, online hosting services, familiarisation and training, hardware/software/network diagnostics and just about anything to do with Macintosh.

We're an Apple Computer Consultancy

We can help with any Mac problem - from trouble shooting hardware and software to developing custom solutions for your business. We've got the skills and experience to deal with almost every issue affecting your Apple equipment.

 Business Hours


Monday-Wednesday: 9am to 6pm


Thursday-Sunday/Public Holidays

 Note - all work is by appointment

  • Email Us or call 03-5338-8232 to arrange your service
  • We cannot perform work without a scheduled booking
  • We don't stock or sell Apple hardware 
  • We are not an Apple Store and have no affiliation with any Apple reseller
  • Click here for a list of Ballarat Apple resellers

Support for iPhone and iPad

Ever since Apple introduced iOS5 and iCloud you have been able to achieve greater integration and productivity with your mobile devices. Now, using the latest iOS for handheld devices, even more is possible.

Talk to us about integrating your iDevices into your business.

Macintosh In Business

Custom software will improve business productivity. 

The information systems developed by Applecations can support Apple Macintosh  and Microsoft Windows  users. Truly portable application software means lower training costs and greater flexibility in the deployment of your valuable hardware.

Ask us about custom software for managing all your business needs.

Managing Online Security

It's now more important than ever  to manage your computer's online safety. Just because you've got a Mac doesn't mean you should be casual about security - there are lots of sneaky exploits out there that have nothing to do with the operating system you use. What you do online is just as important!

Don't get caught out - we can help you to stay Cyber-Safe