Our Services

Make Your Macs Work Harder

Applecations can design custom, cost effective solutions for managing any enterprise - large or small. Whether you have a problem at home or use Macs in your business or  school, we can help.

We provide comprehensive support services for Macintosh users.

We'll solve your problems with hardware, software, networking, and Internet/Intranets and we offer competitive rates on system development and customisation. Our information systems can be designed to operate in single and multi-user environments and to operate on networks comprising mixed operating systems (such as Macs, Linux and Windows).

We can make your valuable Macs do much more managing your business

Email Us for help with any Mac problem. We can assist with...
  • - System checkup & installations
  • - Web Site design & hosting
  • - Custom software & programming
  • - Hardware selection
  • - Internet security & setup
  • - Online database systems
  • - Macintosh diagnostics
  • - Graphic design
  • - Network configuration
  • - Switching from PC to Mac
  • - Data recovery/disaster prevention
  • - Much, much more...

Applecations can also help you with using your iPad and iPhone - contact us for more information

Custom systems. Customer focused.

Systems that work just the way you do.

Our development team takes considerable pride in the thoroughness and close attention to detail involved in the production of our software.

Our design approach ensures that quality is not compromised by adopting a rigorous prototyping cycle. This includes involving end users throughout each important stage of development as well as thorough beta and acceptance testing.

Reliability = Affordability

We have systems installed that have been running for over ten years  and continue to operate flawlessly day after day. These systems have well and truly paid for themselves by improving productivity and delivering increased business efficiency to our customers.