Special deals to get you started

Here are some special introductory packages to help you manage your Macintosh...

Macintosh Familiarisation - Two hours training for only $132

Switched to Macintosh recently? Get up to speed with this personalised introduction to using your Macintosh - we'll come to you within the Ballarat Regional Area for a complete, two hour hands-on tutorial. 

This covers:

  • Mac OSX basics - Finder, Dock, Preferences etc.
  • Productivity Tools - Safari, Mail, Dashboard etc.
  • Basic Utilities - Disk Utility, Images and Packages
  • Multiple users and accounts
  • System Updates and Security
  • iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie basics
  • Shortcuts and tips
  • Personalised based upon how you want to use your Mac

We can also help you with using your Mac, iPad and iPhone

Macintosh System Checkup - $110

We'll perform a thorough health checkup on your Macintosh.
This includes:

  • Hardware/Software diagnostic checks
  • Service & Security Upgrades for your system
  • Launch Daemons/Startup Items/Keychain checkup
  • Internet security and firewall setup
  • Malware/Adware and virus removal
  • Data recovery/file scavenging on damaged drives
  • Backup and storage strategies

Contact us for bulk rates on multiple Macs or Schools/Computer Labs.

Macintosh Purchasing Advice - $88/hr

Are you considering purchasing a Macintosh? 
  • Want to know about the Macintosh for business?
  • Can it meet all of my needs?
  • What configuration should I buy?
  • What software will I need?
  • What peripherals (printer, network etc.) will suit me best?
We provide impartial, reseller-independent advice on all aspects of hardware and software selection as well as recommendations for maximising productivity.

We specialise in helping Small Business/Home Office to get the Mac-simum out of their Macs